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Batam is a small island in the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) located about 45 minutes from Singapore by ferry. With a population of 800,000 souls, it is the home to a small community of expatriates, most of them working in the Oil & Gas or in the High Tech manufacturing.

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Top Batam Bars & Clubs: See reviews of bars & clubs in Batam …

Nagoya is the nightlife entertainment district in Batam. There are several things to … Below is the list of some famous clubs for all party animals: Ice Pub….

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From shopping to eating in Batam, now you are looking for nightlife activities in Batam

Background of the Nightlife in Batam

The city of Batam is basically the heartbeat of the entire nation of Indonesia. As this beautiful city is just located a single boat ride away from the mainland of Singapore; Batam has been a popular destination for Singaporeans who go there to escape the hustle and bustle of Singaporean life. The amazing city of Batam has a lot to offer from the historical knowledge of the museums towards the exciting water sports and also the care treatment from the luxurious hotel and spa.

Did you know that there is actually nightlife in Batam?
But this bright and vivid colorful city of Batam has also a comparatively exciting nightlife to offer. If you are just a first-timer visiting in this area or even you are a person that is looking for a new place where you can have a head here is basically a list of the places that you can easily go and have some enjoyment of the nightlife of the beautiful city of Batam.


  1. No game bar, Nagoya: Basically located inside the basement of a famous residential hotel this bar is one of the basic choices for the people who are searching for the proper excitement of the night. This bar provides the tourists with one of the best and the most glamorous experience for enjoying the nightlife in Batam City. As per the fact that this is just a walking distance away from most of the other bars and the clubs this is one of the basic choices for tourists to stay at late night. And also if a person is looking for the best after-party experience then this is the right choice for him.
  2. Ice pub: The Ice pub bar is most popular among many of the tourists who are willing to have the best experience of the best cheap alcohol and disco in the indoors of Batam City. The casual atmosphere and the best pool table service is quite enough for providing the best exciting and the most fun time to spend in the nightlife of Batam City.
  3. Take a drive on the Marine road: As the entire city of Batam is situated right beside the sea; there are a lot of beautiful roads for taking a night drive. You could easily hire a private car for yourself and take one of the best drives with the tremendously beautiful seaside  roads. And the best thing is that if you choose a convertible car or a car that has no roof then you get to enjoy the fresh breeze coming right from the ocean. Another fun thing about driving at the night is that you get to enjoy a lot of Batam street food that you are easily going to find open at even the latest hour of the night along the streets of Batam.
  4. Double two pub: For people who are a little bit of a party beast. This is maybe the best choice ever. If you are looking for a disco and party experience in Batam for enriching your nightlife in Batam City. Then this is the most perfect place for you to come, as alcohol is quite cheap. You could get the best and most freshly brewed line of alcohol. and also the DJ and the music system around every disco in the city of Batam is always on the top-notch quality. If you fancy for yourself to have a little bit of party experience for enjoying the nightlife of Batam then this is one of the best places for you to come and have the best time of your life.
  5. Karaoke bars: There are literally hundreds of similar types of karaoke pubs located in the city of Batam. The tradition of karaoke is one of the most popular cultural engagement for this area. You could find a lot of karaoke bars in Batam available for you to go in and enjoy the music and also getting the opportunity to sing by yourself as well as alcohol. Many of these karaoke bars even provide private rooms for a group of people consisting of a maximum level of 8 people are sometimes even more.

    Be a popstar in Batam

    Private karaoke rooms are mostly a suitable option for those who consider themselves a bad singer and want to avoid the harassment of singing in the open lounge or even when you have a group of close friends to sing karaoke together.

  6. Casinos: Although the recent social aspect over gambling is not quite positive; actually there is nothing negative regarding a little bit of gambling at the casino as long as it is no excessive. There are a lot of available casinos in Batam. Just at the late-night you could easily walk into any of these casinos and roll some dice for yourself or have a pull at the jackpot machines as casinos never sleep and open 24 hours each day.If you are lucky enough you might also earn a little bit of money which might even cover the entire experience for your trip. Just don’t get too many expectations over that.

Batam night party | Things to do Batam

Like any other Asian country the nightlife of the city of Batam has a lot of things to offer. As you are going to have a lot of options from going to the pubs or even karaoke bars and casinos and many other outside activities to get engaged with.

The choice is up to you and your personal desire which sector you want to pick for enjoying the nightlife in the city of Batam.

It doesn’t matter which type of nightlife you choose whether it is staying indoors and having fun or even having some outdoor experience or any type of party or Disco. You get to have the best options with the best quality at all times even at the latest hours of the night. You can consider the city of Batam as a city of the afterparty.

15 Famous Night Clubs in Batam Indonesia – Facts of Indonesia
In addition to being the largest discotheque in Batam, the Pacific Club is also the top entertainment venue in the night entertainment world. Besides the clubber, Discotheque Pacific is known by guests from various cities who come to Batam.

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Nightlife in Batam | Popular Batam nightspots | Batam night party | Things to do Batam

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