What to do for Holiday in Batam?

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Planning that perfect family getaway in Batam? Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia.

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Travelling to Batam for a holiday getaway? People often ask…

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If you are planning a holiday to South East Asia, you may consider visiting Batam.

You could easily get really cheap fast ferry tickets from Singapore.

Resorts in Batam
Batam has many beautiful resorts with lots of scenic views along with the seaside experience for you to enjoy. If you are actually looking around for a hotel that has a private pool for itself then there are a lot of options available. Such as the Montigo Resort; not only has an amazing view of the ocean but also the luxurious accommodation will pamper you for your holiday in Batam.

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Spend some time at the spa for a stress relieving massage
If you are really looking to enjoy the Indonesian massage experience; then we suggest that you visit the Batam spa for a nice Massage in Batam.

A proper and relaxing massage provides enrichment of your mind and soul; ease tense muscles and provide proper relaxation; which is one of the major gateways for you to attain inner peace.

If you are looking for a fancy spa massage; then you are going to have a lot of options here. There are many popular spas in Batam that uses only natural ingredients in their massage.

Go on a shopping spree at the Batam shopping malls
The culture in Batam is quite various and vivid. The shopping centres in Batam are mostly clean and also well-stocked. And also one of the more popular shopping centres in the city of Batam is the Nagoya Hill shopping mall; where you are easily going to be able to find many of the retail stores there and of course the massage parlours and small restaurants as well.

From buying goods for yourself; to have a little bit of tasty snack; everything can be easily found here and in many of Batam shopping malls. There are also many other shopping malls in the Batam City such as the Batam City Square or even the Diamond City Mall as well.

Water sports with half the price
Obviously when you are travelling to a city that is featured with the beautiful ocean and islands then you must try the water sports. But actual fun fact of having water sport in the city of Batam is that the price limit is actually near as half of the price in any other place. If you have a fancy ambition over water sports such as jet ski or wakeboarding or even cable skiing. You can find all of these exciting activities with a lot cheap amount in comparison with any other place and with obviously, 100% quality assured. Just for an easy comparison if you take wakeboarding at anywhere in Singapore which is going to rate between $32 and $40 per hour. but if you are getting the same experience in the city of Batam it is only going to be $25 per hour. Which is almost as half of the price.

Exciting seafood and street food
A galore of food awaits you in Batam! The entire country of Indonesia is famous for its collection of seafood dishes. You might even want to try food from the street stalls as well. There are a lot of famous spots for getting Street food in Batam.

You should probably take a taxi and ask him to take you to the open-air street food court when you can get the best and cheap seafood in Batam. Also remember to try the traditional Indonesian food in Batam too.

Cheap golfing in Batam
When you are travelling to Batam city; you most probably don’t want to miss the exciting golf experience that you can enjoy only in Batam and its cheap.

Planning a family getaway holiday? What to do for Holiday in Batam?

In Conclusion
If you are willing to enjoy the wide spectrum of experience; then experiencing the local food, traditional dishes as well as cakes like the layer cake is part of the deal that you must encounter in your Batam holiday.

  • Explore the culture and traditions by visiting the various places of worship in Batam.
  • If you are looking for a spa getaway, then perhaps a Mother-Daughter bonding massage session in the Batam spa is something that you want to book a session and experience together.

The city of Batam is the best choice for anyone to have a short vacation or getaway. With nature aplenty in Batam, enjoy amazing natural views in many parts of Batam island. If you are really want to experience all these amazing things, then you can consider getting a Batam Package with us!


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