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Scuba diving in Batam

Having the experience of scuba diving in the Batam island is a great!

Batam island has beautiful golf course, hotels and resorts along with the enriched and naturally treated spa locations. With a large amount of delicious and tasty collection of seafood HERE, Batam is nothing less than a small Paradise.

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And also there is another exciting experience for any tourist to have and that is getting submerged under the water; the experience of Scuba Diving in Batam!

The underwater experience takes you on a journey under the sea… and there is always enormous amount of beauty to experience and things to see under the sea. With the experience of scuba diving in Batam, any tourist is going to discover a variety of species beneath the water world and also get a colourful experience of the Batam marine life.


Areas for the dive

A large number of the scuba diving areas in the region of Batam is mixed with both the hard Coral and soft coral. You also get to find much varieties of barrel sponge, sea fan and black corals and many more of the living creatures of the marine life. Variety of numbers of beautiful and colourful schools of fishes can easily be found beneath the water surface of the Batam island as it is going to be one of the best experiences for any of the tourist who fancies underwater photography.

The rich waters of the island of Batam basically provides care for the entire habitat of a large number of common species of sea creatures and their entire food cycle. And if you fancy shipwreck diving and search type of Carnage exploration.

The southern area of the island of Batam and the diving site that it has to offer are basically untouched by many of the crowded areas of tourists. As per the fact that it has gained a certain amount of popularity in the recent years but also being a little bit of remote these areas, have not been mostly contaminated with any type of human waste. And also near the area of the island of Batam There are several perfect diving spots for a proper retreat who are willing to have an exciting and successful scuba diving experience.


About the surroundings

Batam is basically one of the busiest ports ever existing in the country of Indonesia. And that is because the ferry that comes in are growing day by day. As it is located near Singapore it is able to attract a lot of crowds and many of the international tourists who are travelling in this area too.

There are many diving organisations; who will provide you with the proper training and the gears for getting the best experience of diving.

Even if you have your own gear set and all of the necessary kits; it is still recommended that you contact with one of the diving corporations for guiding you through the best potential spots for the best diving experience in Batam.

It would be a recommended for you to contact with the diving agencies because you can never predict what type of animal or deadly creatures are underwater. This type of corporations organisations basically tracks the happenings in the sea on a daily basis and would be able to advise you to steer clear of dangerous areas.

Free training institutes

When you are purchasing a package for scuba diving experience that comes with a free training package also. Such type of training courses is quite essential for anyone to understand the facts about scuba diving. Even if you have a certain amount of experience regarding scuba diving in your past then, you need to take part in this type of training courses for knowing the underwater area of this region better.

Such type of training courses includes the management of the gear and the set of kits that you are carrying with you underwater. They also provide the tourist with a professional supervisor. Who basically guides the tourist underwater from any type of hazardous material. The supervisor stage along with the tourist the entire trip and provides help if it is necessary under any type of needed or urgent situation.


Where to find scuba diving agencies

In the area of Batam it is quite common. The hotel or resort that a tourist is taken accommodation in, can also be able to provide the proper contacts for the scuba diving agencies nearby.

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