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Batam Family getaway at Ocarina Park in Batam

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When you are thinking about travel towards the southern part of Asia, you think about a lot of colourful festivals and exciting street food to enjoy and also most beautiful natural sites that you can ever imagine.

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Anyone who is an interest in the Asian culture must visit the country of Indonesia as well as the beautiful island of Batam. Anyone who has visited the country of Indonesia must have visited at least once this beautiful island city of Batam.

This is what Ocarina Park in Batam has to offer… The sheer beauty of the nature never failed to excite the nature loving tourists. This article is going to fill you with all of the necessary information about the Ocarina park in Batam.

Children Play in Batam

Ocarina Park is basically a water theme park which is popular among tourists; especially those with young children. There are a lot of fun and exciting things to do.

About Ocarina Park
Ocarina Park is basically like the crown jewel in the city of Batam. After it was established back in the year of 2008, it has become one of the most interesting tourist attraction on Batam island! It is definitely one of the top things to do in Batam …

This Park has many opportunities for adults and also children; with exciting children play areas.

For those who actually want to go to the beach instead; the beach is also not too far away from the Nongsa or Sekupang area.

The distance of this Park is really very close from the central location of the city of Batam and it also has a beautiful beach that is filled with natural scenic beauty and also there is a playground for children. Which merits this park one of the most suitable areas for visiting for the tourist who is bringing in children with them.

Features of Ocarina Park
Ocarina Park also features exciting rides for anyone to enjoy. Rides such as giant Ferris wheel, roller coaster and water slides make the park exciting for the adults.

Not only as an attraction towards the tourist but also the local people are mostly visiting in this area at almost every weekend. A large number of tourists come into Batam and basically have the assumption that there are only going to be a beach, spa getaway or the famous bridge or just a place for relaxing.

Batam has an interesting culture and the variety of excitement that the city has to offer, makes tourist coming back for more year after year to have the best vacation of their life. But many tourist don’t know that Batam, in fact, also features one of the finest theme parks for anyone to visit.

This entire area is actually quite well known among the local and the tourist people. And that is because of the establishment of the Ocarina park and also the other amount of attractions and added facilities that are going to be a pair as one of the must things to try for both of the local people and the tourist.

Recent changes to Ocarina Park, Batam
There have been significant amount of recent changes in the structural design of the Ocarina Water Park. After which, Ocarina Park has become even more exciting according to the reviews of the people that have visited Ocarina Park.

Ocarina Park has uplifted the overall appearance catering and making it even more attractive and exciting for children.

An Adventure awaits at Ocarina Park

For those who consider themselves as an adrenaline junkie, there is also a huge amount of options. There is the experience of the 360 rides which is going to throw the people around the area upside down while they are hanging from their seat belts. In this ride, the people that are in it, are basically going to be attached with their seats firmly. And then the ride is going to flip upside down and it is going to spin, go up and down at a tremendous speed all for the name of thrill.

Unmatched Beach experience at Ocarina Park

Also, there is another attraction in this Park. And that is the recently refurbished beach area that is attached right beside the main riding area of the park. After you have finished with all of the above exciting activities you can easily go towards the shaded trees and have one of the best views of your life of the ocean.

Ocarina Park in Batam | Water Theme Park in Batam Indonesia | Watersports & Water theme parks in Batam

So if you are visiting for travelling in the area of Batam then it is recommended that you visit the Ocarina Park at least once. Especially if you have children with you on your trip then this would be the best experience for them and you are going to be one of the best mummy or daddy for them.

As per the overall safety protocols go of the park, the entire Park is maintained with real-time protection system for each of the electronic ride.

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