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Batam Getaway Guide and Travel Tips

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Nice food in Batam Indonesia

Food has always been a main draw for travels. There are many people that travel for food to experience and learn the culture of the people.

Top food dishes in Batam | Top things to do in Batam

Let us explore the best culinary culture in the beautiful city of Batam, Indonesia.

Travelling to Batam for a holiday getaway? People often ask…

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Where can we find nice tasty food in Batam?

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You can find nice Batam food
Batam is the home of at least a couple of the famous dishes. These famous and traditional food are not only just for satisfying your hunger. Food defines the culture, the way the people think.


Batam is a place rich of food tradition passed from one generation to the next. You do not need to be a culinary enthusiast to enjoy food because food is just a thing loved by everybody.

Top Food in Batam – Experience the top dishes in Batam today!

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Here are the top dishes that you must try in Batam:

  1. Ayam Bakar Chaniago
    This is basically a dish of BBQ chicken. And there is simply no one who doesn’t love a good dish of chicken; especially if its barbecued. This dish features the traditional marinate and cooking style of the region of Indonesia. This can be easily bought from the streets of Batam and Ayam Bakar Chaniago is one of the popular Batam street food! Indonesian street food is quiet well known to travelers for being one of the tastiest and greatest food to ever try. You also have several options when choosing the gravy for this dish. You are going to simply miss out all of the fun if you do not try the street dishes when you are travelling to Batam.
  2. Mie Tarempa Noodle
    This is one of the most popular and traditional Indonesian dishes. This is the first time I had this type of noodle. The combination of the spices are very tasty and delicious! Authentic Mie Tarempa … Indulge in the famous spicy noodles served with Pan-seared Snapper and Luti Gendang, a savoury fried donut filled with fish floss.
  3. Barbeque seafood
    If you are travelling to Indonesia and you have not actually tried any of the sea food items then I must say that trip is a wasted trip, because Batam is famous for cheap seafood. Batam has to offer an exciting variety of existing seafood and BBQ marinated dishes. You could find BBQ seafood in luxurious restaurants as well as the street food stalls along the streets of Batam. The fresh supply of daily seafood becomes the main draw to eat this dish.
  4. Martabak Manis
    This is basically a sweet item. With thick gravy and a creamy and gooey pancake texture.. This popular Indonesian food basically originated as part of the traditional Indonesian recipes and also one of the most favourite local food in Batam.
  5. Indomie goreng and indomie rebus
    This is basically another form of noodles that is cooked with the traditional methods and recipe of the rural Indonesia. You could have the best and the most authentic taste of the flat noodle based dishes; served either dry or boiled. With the addition of the traditional special chili sauce this is going to enrich your overall travelling experience.
  6. Crispy Banana
    This is another traditional dish for this area. This dish is basically one of the crispy banana recipe that is dealt with in heat and condensed milk which is going to be the most perfect treat for having to provide for your sweet tooth. Such type of dish is going to be best enjoyed if you are taking them from the local street food shops.
  7. Gong gong sea snails
    When it comes to the collection of seafood in Batam. You have to try this traditional sea snail dish. This type of sea snails are basically found only in the region of the southern China waters; after it is being steamed becomes one of the most perfect and delicious seafood dish ever.
  8. Salted egg crab and cheese crayfish
    Towards almost every seafood enthusiast the dish of crab and crayfish is always been exciting. And when it comes to talk about the Indonesian collection of seafood the crab dish is a must to try.
  9. Otah otah
    Otah Otah
    is basically fish that is wrapped in banana leaf and BBQ. After cutting the fish; it is then wrapped in banana leaf. Before wrapping into the banana leaf, the fish is marinated in a special blend of spices and oil. And then it is thrown on hot charcoal for getting cooked in the consistent heat. Which creates the exciting and tasty smoky flavor of the fish.
  10. Craft beer
    Craft Beer is considered as one of the signature beer of the local brewery. And in most of the restaurants there’s beer is served with deep fried food and which is considered as one of the most popular drinks in Batam.

Where to buy Batam Layer cake?

Have you heard of the Batam layer cake? It is pretty famous in Indonesia. While you are in Nagoya Batam and you haven’t yet tried Batam layer cake, you are missing out. While you are on a trip to Batam, you should try all the treats here. But the first thing on your to-eat list should be the Batam layer cake. If you are wondering where you will get this delish treat, here is some help. Although Batam has many places that offer the layer cake. But if you are wondering to get the most flavorful cake, these places will provide you with the best layer cakes in Batam.

Batam layer cakes

Batam layer cakes is the cake shop that provides the best, traditional cakes. These layer cakes are made with perfection and passion. People love the cakes here because of the flavor and the techniques they use for the cakes.

Lamoist layer cakes

Lamoist is another cake shop that provides the best cakes in the vicinity of Nagoya Batam. You can visit the outlet of them in the Nagoya hill Shopping mall. They have the layer cakes that are moist and tasty, which you will not be able to stop yourself from trying them out.

Golden layer cakes

If you are searching for the authentic layer cakes in Batam, head on the Golden layer cakes. Their cakes are light, moist, and simply mouth-watering. The tourists love to have their delightful Batam layer cake treat from here. You will enjoy these fluffy and scrumptious cakes while you visit Batam.

Diana layer cakes

If you are still in doubt, visit the Diana layer cake. Here you will find high-quality cakes with the best taste and price. The cakes here are made with passion and with all the right ingredients. You will not be disappointed by the taste or the quality of it.

These are some of the places where you can get the Batam layer cake. There are many other places where you can find layer cakes and enjoy eating them. All kinds of places are available that are low, mid and high range. You can visit one according to your choice and taste. 

Enjoy Batam Food

While you plan your trip to Nagoya Batam, which is becoming famous among the travelers, and tourists, you should research a bit. There are many things that you should try in Batam. Without proper research, you will not be able to see the real beauty here. Moreover, when you are here, you should try all the traditional treats. Make sure you try the food here, it is delicious. You can also visit plenty of touristy and historic locations to spend a great time. When we are talking about food and culture culture of a country the most that comes into the highlight is that the huge collection of street foods. And especially when you are visiting any Asian country this is one of the most compulsory things for anyone to try.

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