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Planning that perfect family getaway in Batam? One of the very compulsory things that anyone has to buy when he or she is travelling in this area is the kueh lapis.

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What is Kueh Lapis and where to get the best kueh lapis in Batam?

Kueh Lapis is malay for layer cake. Batam has been maintaining a reputation for doing such type of layer cakes and the best kueh lapis can certainly be found in Batam!

  • Kueh Lapis has become one of the most traditional sweet dishes for anyone to try at least once when he or she is visiting this area. And the prices in Batam for Kueh Lapis are basically low in comparison with Singapore. It is almost half the price of the Kueh Lapis found in Singapore.


Kueh lapis is one of the most popular things for anyone to try in Batam.


  • The following list consists of the places where you can get the Best kueh lapis in Batam with best quality and of course best tasting kueh lapis. 
  1. Tora tora Kueh Lapis shop Batam
    This is basically a wholesale shop for kueh lapis. And the reason that this shop is being called wholesale is that the price in this shop is comparatively cheap than any other. This shop is one of the oldest and the most popular around this area which has been running for more than 15 years and also there is absolutely no complaint regarding the overall quality of the product. This is one of the best place for getting kueh lapis if you are travelling in this area with 100% quality assured and also the surety that you are going to be just simply amazed by the quality and taste of the food.
  2. The Royal bakery
    As per the level of the sale and the popular because there’s bakery is always on the top. Disregarding of the flavour of the kueh lapis this bakery has been able to produce one of the tastiest and most popular forms of kueh lapis. And the main reason behind their popularity is that when it comes to making kueh lapis it is done by many manufacturer that the entire structure is just filled with rich egg and butter flavour. But that is not everything about kueh lapis. This bakery has been producing the most rich and also the most fresh tested kueh lapis. They also have quite a reputation and awards. If you are looking for a more premium experience with the best and most freshly baked kueh lapis then this is just the right place for you to be.
  3. La moist, layer
    This bakery is around since the year of 2004 which is considered as one of the top items in the list of the area for producing the best kueh lapis. This kueh lapis shop has a speciality of its nature which is that it is open 24 hours!This shop also provides free delivery in the area. If you prefer the very authentic tastes more than the price then this has to be the best choice for anyone to have the best kueh lapis. And the most of the favourite item is the premium original kueh lapis which uses Australian butter; that actually makes the cake even softer than before. This bakery is mostly popular for their moist kueh lapis structure.
  4. The fora
    This is one of the most popular and sophisticated cake shops for getting kueh lapis in the area. The interesting fact about this shop is that they offer every single one of their variety of production with two different sizes which are big and small. If you are willing to have a little more amount of kueh lapis then this is the best place to go because they make the largest quantities of everyday and 100% quality and freshness assured. They have their original items of kueh lapis and which are quite reasonable.With the huge number of varieties to choose from; this is just the place that you are going for to buy the best kueh lapis in Batam.

So where is the Best Kueh Lapis in Batam?

The entire country of Indonesia is full with variety and interesting facts of the culture and the culinary section. If you consider yourself as a food enthusiast then this is just the place for you to go on and try the various food and cakes.

Lamoist layer
In Batam, this is the place that you are going to want to be for premium kueh lapis with variety of flavours. With more than 20 items of different type of layer cakes that this place has to offer; you are going to find the most suitable kueh lapis for yourself.

This shop is centred just at the heart of the city inside Jalan Bunga mall.

And if you fancy Batam’s traditional layer cake then this is just the place for you to get the most traditional form of layer cake which is known as the best kueh lapis in Batam.

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