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A guide to Watersports & Adventure on Batam Island

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Batam is a well-known destination for water sports, Adventure, Thrills and Family Activities. There are long coastlines and beaches which have become a great spot to have a picnic.

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Batam is a fun island with lots of nice food and activities for the family.

Seeing how people liked to spend time here, the local authorities have built plenty of water sports and activity spots for everyone.

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It is one of those places which offers a great time at affordable prices. So, anyone can enjoy their long weekend or holiday doing water sports here in Batam and indulge in these particular activities.

Planning a Batam water sports holiday?

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Let’s have a look:

  • Wakeboarding & Water Skiing in Batam Cable Ski Park

If you have come to Batam, and looking for a Batam Adventure holiday; you must go to the Batam Cable Ski Park. It is a great park where you can enjoy both wakeboarding and water skiing at a very generous rate. There are options for you to play table-tennis, get sandy while playing basketball, or just get down the pool to soak in. In this park, some professionals would teach you to do wakeboarding and water skiing as well. The environment is so fun and encouraging that even if you don’t succeed, people will support you and lift you.

  • Kayaking, canoeing, and Volleyball at Batam View Beach Resort

Your holiday should not be limited to one park; there are other sports that you can try. Kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, jet ski, and volleyball are some of the other sports that you must try. This will enhance your Batam beach experience.

While staying at the Batam View Beach Resort, you all have the option to get a beauty or health spa treatment for yourself. Besides the fun and self-pampering, get some delicious food into your stomach as well.

  • Diving Experience in Batam; Try Scuba Diving in the clear Batam Waters

Another worth-mentioning sport is scuba diving in the clear waters of Batam. There are a few diving centers in Batam that ensure beginners’ safety and take them to dive with them. Different people opt for different packages to enjoy their stay in the water.

  • Enjoy Paintball, Archery, and Parasailing

If you are visiting with your family and kids who are not aged enough to be engaged in adult sports, then perhaps it is time to take them to enjoy paintball, archery, and quad cycling in Batam. Harris Resort is also known as Waterfront that has got all of these sports and games for younger kids in Batam. The place is a little crowded and you may not get to play during weekends so book ahead and enjoy the time there.

Batam water sports holiday | Watersports in Batam | Batam Adventure Holiday | Batam Family Adventure

A guide to Watersports on Batam Island

Batam View Beach Resort is a 35-minute ferry ride from Singapore, and it is another great place for wakeboarding and water skiing. Apart from these two main water sports, there are other activities available at the resort, including kayaking, canoeing, seaside volleyball, jet skiing, snorkeling, and many others. Do share this Batam water sports holiday | Watersports in Batam | Batam Adventure Holiday | Batam Family Adventure

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