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Are you planning to tour the biggest city of Indonesia? Located in Riau Islands, Indonesia, Batam is the largest city of the province. It has several small islands that make it a prime spot for tourists.

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Travelling to Batam for a holiday getaway? People often ask…

  1. How much is the ferry ticket from Singapore to Batam?
  2. What are the Batam Hotel Promotions or Batam Resort Promotion Deals?
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If you are planning a holiday to South East Asia, you may consider visiting Batam.

You could easily get really cheap fast ferry tickets from Singapore.

Majestic Fast Ferry – Book Online

The services provided by Majestic Fast Ferry allow you to move from Singapore to Batam. Besides this, you can also move within the islands located in Batam with ease.

Customer care is impeccable at Majestic Fast Ferry. All the details are available online. You can book tickets online or check availability for any route that you wish. 

The rides can take you to multiple places. Once you open the website to book any trip, the time of each respective destination will also be displayed.

Majestic Fast Ferry Schedule

For your convenience, we have listed down part of the schedule below.
• Harbour Front to Batam Centre
• Batam Centre to Harbour Front
• Harbour Front to Sekupang
• Sekupang to Harbour Front
• Tanah Merah to Tanjung Pinang
• Tanjung Pinang to Tanah Merah

About Majestic Fast Ferry

Majestic Fast Ferry is pretty spacious. Even if you are going with your family or a group of friends, you can easily fit in and enjoy the ride. It is also much cleaner than the usual ferries which cater to locals from moving between islands.

You can own membership or season cards while using Majestic Ferry Services as well to enjoy your Batam spa holiday getaway to the fullest.

There are four categories of this card.
• Gold
• Platinum
• Sapphire
• Ruby

Once you own this Majestic Ferry Pass, you can have access to unlimited travel from Singapore to Batam Island. We also offer private cars in Batam which you can hire to move around. So don’t waste time and start booking your tickets now!

Batam spa holiday gateway

Batam ferry ticket online | Batam Majestic Fast Ferry Services
Batam ferry services singapore; Online booking is now available

Batam Island is one of the best places for anyone to visit if he or she is in Indonesia. It is known that Indonesia is one of the countries in the world with lots of natural scenic locations and nature as a popular tourism attraction.

Indonesia is quite known for its knowledge over the expertise of natural ingredients especially in spa and beauty industry.

Imagine indulging in a spa session that only uses the best natural ingredients… So seat back and buckle up for the best spa holiday getaway in Batam Island.

These destinations in Batam are one of the most popular among the budget and the luxury resorts for having the best and the most relaxing spa experience.

  1. Montigo Resorts in Nongsa is a popular Batam Staycation location for dating couples.
    One of the most famous of the list of available in Batam Island is Montigo resorts in Nongsa. The stylish and luxurious resort provides with the best accommodation and the most relaxing experience for proper romantic gateway or even with families or large group of friends. This place specialises in Indonesian methods and a blend of traditional massage techniques such as the most popular 90 minutes long Javanese Lulur Body Exfoliation. This spa service includes a proper scrub by the uses of blended turmeric powder and powder of sandalwood. This is mostly popular for the deep tissue cleansing and acupressure methods.
  2. Tempat Senang Resort, Batam
    This spa is famous among many people for having one of the most rustic and vintage methods.

    You are going to feel like you are sent back into the days who are the only cosmetics and the only items for personal care were taken directly from nature.

    Accommodation are designed with various type of Asian and Oriental themes and is suitable for over night stay.

  3. Harris Resort
    This is one of the most relaxing areas for having us and especially if you want to dedicate the time that you have into the relaxing and the proper retreat in Batam Island. This hotel is one of the perfect choice for having the relaxed and the best service that you can. This resort physical features with the most comprehensive and one of the best reviewed spa services by the customer. The spa services include the accommodation with the variation from having a single room towards the proper accommodation for a large group of people. The service also comes with the proper meditational methods for ensuring the best relaxation of both of your body and your mind to ensure the best experience that you could ever get.
  4. Xoleil spa village at Batam Centre
    This is one of the best destination for a spa! This entire facility is coupled up with one of the most luxurious spa service; providing spa apothecary, boutique gym and many other amenities. Well if you need to experience a luxurious spa then this spa is the place to go!

    If you are looking for a relaxed and cozy experience for spa; then this is a place for you! This institution features with the traditional methods and rituals for the best level of physical healing and spiritual satisfaction for any person. With the natural and traditional processes of spa;  all staff members are able to provide any person with the proper relaxation and ease aches and pains.

  5. Martha Tilaar Salon and Day Spa at Nagoya Hill
    If you are looking for the best skin treatment, massage as well as proper spa service, then this is one of the best place that you could come. The spa treatment is catered to the various skin types and also provides the best treatment for anti scar as well as  anti wrinkle issues. This spa service is mostly popular among the spa enthusiasts.If you are looking for a proper Batam Holiday Getaway | Batam Spa Holiday Staycation; then these are the Batam Spa locations that you can consider.

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Batam Holiday Travel | Batam ferry ticket online Batam Majestic Fast Ferry Services. ... Online booking is now available Buy Batam Holiday in Singapore, Singapore. Return Tix, Land Transfer, Attraction, Meal inclusive. PERFECT FAMILY GETAWAY BATAM Batam Ferry Deal Online | Top Batam Attractions for Batam Staycation & Family Holiday Planning that perfect family getaway in Batam? Get your Batam Ferry Tickets at Batam Ferry Deal Online Batam is a tourist destination in Indonesia. It is been famous among tourists because it has a lot of offers at cheap rates. There are plenty of spa resorts, shrines, temples to sootheRead more…